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Malvani Cuisine

Konkan, A narrow strip tucked between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, is a sight to behold with stunning beaches, ancient forts, and some of the best food India has to offer. Malvani food uses liberal quatitites of coconut and spices made combined with dried red chillies, coriander seeds, cardamom, garam masala, ginger and garlic. Kokum is widely used in most of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes to give that extra punch. The addition of any freshly ground masala uplifts a staple Indian dish beyond the ordinary and makes an impeccable dish to savour.

Few popular Malvani dishes:

Chicken Sagoti

Traditional and popular Malvani style of cooking chicken curry cooked in spicy Malvani masala gravy and fresh coconut. This dish is extremely flavourful that goes well with rice, roti, chapati. The Sagoti Chicken Malvani is a coastal recipe and is a delight to most people who love spicy food. The curry has an amazing amalgamation of spices like the Malvani masala, garam masala, green chillies which almost elevates the spiciness to a great extent and blends well with tomato and coconut milk, making the gravy smooth and silky.


Olya Kaju chi Usal

Olya Kajuchi Usal is a Konkani curry made of tender cashews and some delectable spices and condiments. This delicacy is flavoured with a refreshing paste of ginger, garlic, coconut and chillies. It is further cooked in a sautéed mixture of tomatoes, onions, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and Malwani Bhajka masala. Regulate water added to get the desired consistency and stir in some salt and kokum after it is allowed to simmer on a medium flame.


Kombdi Vade

Kombdi is the word for chicken and rassa just means curry. This simple dish has a few basic traditional Malvani masalas that gives it a distinct taste. The masala paste is made by combining onion, spices and grated coconut. Traditionally served with Vade, rotis or rice.


Associated with Sindhudurg district, this fried pancake has a lovely texture and flavour. The rice crepes are typically served with coconut chutney or one of the traditional Malvani curry dishes.

Kala vatanyachi Usal

A Konkan belt favourite, this black peas curry has all kinds of variations across India. In the Malvan region it is made with grated coconut. Given that it is very high protein this dish is a healthy addition to a meal.


Sol Kadhi

Made with Kokum mixed with coconut milk this pink coloured digestive drink is a favourite in the Konkan region. It pairs very well with the super spicy Malvani cuisine and acts as a natural digestive aid 

Thali Kokan-min
Sol Kadhi
Chavlichi Usal
Prawns Curry
Malvani Chicken Curry
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