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Involved in manufacturing business since 1975, Ruchida has earned it's reputation in Masala business for 4 decades.  Ruchida began it's journey in 1975 in small town Devgad based in Sindhudurg district.


It began in a form of home made grounded spices business which was started by Mr. Hari Amrut Nalavade. The intention behind this was initially just to sell the spices in the family owned small retail shop, never knowing this intention would carry them and two generations of their family (so far) to follow. 


Their son Mr. Madhukar Nalavade was already keen in their retail shop business from childhood and further getting involved in Spices, he expanded the product range and market reach throughout the District. It was in 1990's when Ruchida became a household name in Sindhudurg and this period was an complete transformation to the brand. Mr. Madhukar received an even support from his wife Mrs. Priya Nalavade in blending and manufacturing processes.


Overcoming the difficulties of then being in an rural area away from all the facilities, Mr. Madhukar adopted the changes in market with advancements in packaging and manufacturing machineries. Ruchida continued it's growth with customers loving their recipes all over.

In 2004, Ruchida was awarded with an prestigious National award from IEDRA (Indian Economic Development & Research Association) for it's excellence in business field

Entering into it's 3rd Generation, Pranav Nalavade, the son of Mr. Madhukar took over the reins of company in 2017. Pranav after gaining an experience in an multi-national company is now working intensively on building the brand of his 40 years old family business. It is in his short span, Ruchida has grown it's market in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune and is also available on Amazon online market place where in their popular products are available across India.

Ruchida constantly interacts with it's customers through social media alongside dealing directly with super-stockists, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Madhukar Nalavade
Pranav Nalavade

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